About Happy Goddessa

Happy Goddessa is a lifestyle brand that offers inspiration and education about self-discovery and self-expression. The creative arts and spiritual concepts and tools are at the heart of the Happy Goddessa Guide.

Welcome! I am Galitta, I help awakening women find their authentic voice, creativity, and happiness with my method of the Happy Goddessa Guide.Why? because I believe that happy and empowered women are the best change agents on our planet.

In 1997 I fell from grace to the hard floor of reality and bruised my heart and my buttocks. I experienced a deep death/rebirth that started my own journey of discovery.For more than 21 months I closed myself from the world and lived like a hermit.
I truly believed that giving up on life would help me evaporate to another, pain-free world.I thought that I will never perform again, never produce again, never do anything again.Instead of death, I found myself exploring the ‘underworld’ and I had encounters with different archetypes and sub-personalities of myself and my tribe.I entered what Carl Jung calls the collective unconscious.But I didn’t know that at the time.

I was not thinking, even though I was writing all the time. I was not analyzing, even though I was processing all the time.
I did not understand the journey, I was feeling it.

I found myself diving deeper into the feminine realm and had a shocking vision. It took me years to translate this sacred knowledge to practical and earthy tools for upgrading life and living on earth.

In my quest to stay happy, I originated the Goddessa Happiness Guide: a step by step journey to self-discovery and self-expression, ultimately leading to self-love, joy, and wholeness.

Using the creative and performing arts, combined with ancient methods of exploration and healing, I help people to find their authentic voice.

“Your journey to living, lead and love like a happy Goddessa with self-discovery, self-expression, and self-love, starts with your reconnection to your authentic voice, let me show you how.”

About Galitta

I started to sing in my crib and perform to audiences since I was 9 years old. I absolutely can’t stop writing, composing, singing, creating, painting and dancing. Self-expression is my lifeline to happiness and I used joy my whole life to bring that to people in my family, my village and every community I ever joined. In my 20’s I built an entertainment business built on those principles.
Then I had a crisis. That brought me the shadow world and depth of life and I started investigating: How do we stay happy?
I entered the world of healing, shamanism, Kabbalah, sound healing and other eastern and western methods. I had teachers from all around the world and I started to give women circles, workshops and healing sessions. My method of working with the voice as the main tool for self-discovery and self-expression grew to be the central philosophy of creating everything.

I identified 36 ways women hide their power and I am passionate about changing that. I am in awe of the power we have in our body, our mind voice and heart and I teach, preach and sing about it in any way I can.

I now act as a transformational midwife for people who are ready to take a supported journey to change and happiness and I create tools, like the Sound Journey to aid people like you to hear YOUR own inner voice.