Your Voice Can Heal Your Life


Why your voice matters

Our voice is powerful and holds within it the potential to unlock and heal our life. We can use our voice to explore the opposing natures within us. By embracing all aspects of our self we can truly connect with our authentic selves and find a sense of peace, joy, and belonging from within. On this website you will find many tools including audio, video, practical and fun exercise to help you connect to and use your voice to heal your life.

“Why do you stay in prison, when the door is so wide open?” Rumi

Something I want to tell you about your voice

Your Four Voices

We all have a physical voice, the one we use to express our self. But we also have an inner voice, an emotional voice, and a mental voice. Based on the ancient wisdom of the medicine wheel, our four voices can be used to align the polarities within us. when we begin to explore, strengthen, and grow these voices they present us with our shared and common ‘happiness blocks’. These blocks are low function thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, and feelings that prevent us from living our lives from a place of joy and peace.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” C.G. Junge

About Galitta
I help YOU to connect to your authentic voice, to inspire you to stretch your wings, fluff your feathers and sing your own song.
I am on a mission to help awakening women discover their untapped potential and express their unique personal power in the world. We need you to be heard!

Happy Goddessa Voice Medicine

After years of research, exploration, and discovery I have developed a 12-step program that will guide you through common happiness blocks including defeating self talk, managing stress and self doubt, and embracing your body image. We all have these common low functioning thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that prevent or block us from being in a content and happy state.

It Is Time For You To Be Heard
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